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Located in the heart of Hanoi city, with a luxurious and cozy French architecture, The Q Hotel is truly one of the top boutique hotels in this beautiful city. Not only is the perfect weekend retreat for families, loved ones, but also a paradise for couples to experience romantic vacations. In addition, The Q Hotel is also an ideal stop for business people and working people in Hanoi city.

The Q Hotel is known for its attentive, professional service, international standards and a top food venue. The Q Hotel restaurant offers an extensive menu, a variety of fine cuisine and is available 24/7. Come to The Q Hotel to enjoy the professional service style at the hotel, with the hospitality of the ancient city of Hanoi.

Bringing in the ancient beauty and the unique cultural features of the old town, The Q Hotel is an ideal destination for travelers to have a relaxing holiday, comfortable with the highest level of service. Book at The Q Hotel to enjoy the luxury and maximum comfort. When you stay at The Q Hotel for any purpose, we will give you a truly memorable stay.